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Glass display cases

Glass display cases

Our regular glass display cases can be made to reasonable sizes, mostly restricted only by handling / shipping limitations.

The glass tops are UV glued, virtually indiscenible and extrememly strong . . . they will last a lifetime and beyond without fine scratching or dulling from cleaning / wiping dust from the surface (unlike cheaper materials such as acrylic, Perspex, plastics).

Tops can be made in plain glass, laminated glass to block 99% of damaging UV light, or for the ulimate viewing, in optically coated low reflection glass.

Cases can be either all glass, including the base, for a modern contemporary see through look, or with bases of timber (stained or painted) in a variety of colours to suit a project, decor, and client taste.

Special stands and brackets can usually be accommodated, made in glass or other materials, please contact us to discuss your project needs.

The new Protect optically coated low reflection glass is 100% UV blocking, almost invisible with less than 1% reflection, has a cleaner whiter edge being a low iron glass, and is thinner and lighter than other laminated glasses used in case construction.

For larger displays, see info about our large format glass display cases to the right . . .

Large format glass display cases

This system is perfect for larger sized cases, where shipping them can be an issue, or for where people want to be able to easily break down a display and safely move a larger case in future years.

Large format cases are great for display of larger items such as oversize sports jerseys, kimonos, wedding dresses, large model ships / other, statues, etc.

The cases are not joined with UV glue as for small to mid size displays, but are self assembled onsite with special brackets, the glass arriving in flatpack form.

Brackets are a high grade cast metal, in a neutral 'brushed satin' finish, with special padding to cushion where needed.

Glass can be plain, laminated, or toughened, depending on project needs.

Follow the instructions for easy assembly onto a custom made timber base, stained or painted to suit the project, decor, and client taste.

 Photo gallery

Football stand only

For a frame shop 'sale saver', or a simple stand supporting a football, we make an oval shaped base with 4 support columns. The edge is routed and clear bumpons provide a non slip grip. Perfect for display of a ball within protection of a cabinet, away from dust / pollutants.

Note the shape of the base, and how it closely follows the ball shape.